Speed UV mapping with RealflowRenderKit mesh

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Speed UV mapping with RealflowRenderKit mesh

Post by Lucstar » Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:10 pm


I'm using the new Particle Mesh (renderkit) into realflow 5 to output a mesh which we will be rendering in Softimage 2011 using the basic plugin (not the renderkit).

In my mesh settings, under texture, i'm selecting speed for the UVW mapping and i've tried yes and no for tiling.

Back to my rendering software, I can't seem to figure out what type of gradient, and what values of UV remap to apply to get the speed info onto my mesh as a grayscale map. When I open the texture editor, all uvs are in a short straight line in the bottom right section, out of the 0-1 range (they're about at U: 4 and V: -2).

With the regular mesh, in realflow 4, the UVs where neatly placed in a diagonal line ranging from 0.0 to whatever the highest speed was so it was easy to setup the gradient.

I would like to use the info in my render tree so I can shade the fastest parts of the mesh differently.

I hope I'm somewhat clear !



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