Mental Ray hangs on render with error

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Mental Ray hangs on render with error

Postby japetus » Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:32 pm

When I try to render with RFRK v2.2.26.4 in 3ds max and mental ray I keep receiving this error and mental ray just sits there hanging. Is it a licensing issue? The service is running and licenses are installed as far as I can tell...if it's a licensing issue it'd be nice if it actually printed that as the problem.

MSG 0.0 warn : C:Usersmike.SFSscenesblahparticlesGrid_Fluid_Splash02_00010.bin: Image format not supported by mental ray. Will pass the image as raw data (slower and more memory consuming).
MSG 0.0 error: Image file "C:Usersmike.SFSscenesblahparticlesGrid_Fluid_Splash02_00010.bin" is not supported by mental ray nor 3dsmax.


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