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Cloth Sim

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 12:56 am
by crimsontwilight
Hi, im trying to do a simulation where a cloth object reacts to outside forces (wind, gravity) and starts ripping into pieces. i saw the tutorial on the RF website that uses a circle to emit elastic particles and how a ball can bounce on it or rip through the elastic. what im trying to do is create something a little more complex as my cloth object. I have a model but i am unsure how to turn it into a cloth object or how to get particles to take its form in order to attempt the simulation. any help would b greatly appreciated. thank you.

Cloth Sim

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:33 am
by tsn
You need Soft Body Dynamics (SBD) for this purpose. Export your triangulated model with the SD Exporter, load this file into RF and activate Dynamics > Soft Body from the Node Params window. A new tab called Soft Body appears, where you can make all neccessary settings.

You don´t need any emitters, because with activated SBD, RF turns all vertices into SBD particles automatically. Go to Export Central, and make sure that Soft Body Particles will be exported into a BIN file. The particles are elastic and define the object´s vertex displacement nad they´re needed for timeline playback. The vertex animation must be stored in a .SD file.

Now you can apply any Daemon (except the RW related ones) to your Soft Body object. Cloth is just a Soft Body subtype and the appearance of cloth strongly depends on your settings, otherwise you´ll get a rubber or jelly like behaviour.

Keep the Self Collision Distance parameter as high as possible to avoid RF crashes. Also you should save and backup your scenes very, very often. SBD needs some time to adjust the values!